Barron Hilton Follows Older Sister, Paris, Footsteps

By Garth O'Brien | March 1, 2008 
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Barron Hilton DUIPacific Coast Highway, California. Paris Hilton has rubbed off on her younger brother, and certainly has not taught her younger brother about the dangers of drinking and driving. Barron Hilton was arrested for DUI by the California Highway Patrol.

What brought attention to Barron’s fabulous driving that day? Well Barron was driving Skye Peters’ Mercedes. Skye Peters, 16, is the daughter of Jon Peters. Jon Peters made the film Superman Returns. While operating Skye’s Mercedes, Barron crashed into another vehicle then knocked over a pedestrian. Barron good luck with your DUI problem. Maybe Paris can give you hints on surviving a few days in jail.

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