Allen Warren Drives Jazzy Power Chair into Creek

By Garth O'Brien | June 1, 2008 
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Allen Warren DUIDayton, Tennessee. What is there to say about Allen Warren? Is he a renaissance man? Should he open up a parenting school and advise others? One thing is certain; he does need to improve his motorized chair operating skills. Warren “borrowed” the Jazzy Power Chair from Jenni Moser the mother of his girlfriend. Moser is wheel chair bound and relies on her $5,000 Jazzy to get around.

Warren was motoring around in the chair that has a top speed of 4 m.p.h. He was touring some boat docks with his 9 month old daughter in his lap. His daughter somehow “jumped” out of his lap and plunged into the water. The genius then drove the electric power chair into the lake to save his infant.

Moser called the police and Warren was soon arrested. When police contacted Warren he was sopping wet and smelled of alcohol. Now Warren resides in the Rhea County Jail on $15,000 bond. His daughter was uninjured, but the Jazzy Power Chair may never be the same.

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