Alleged Drunk Driving 14 Year Old Girl Causes Accident

By Garth O'Brien | March 11, 2008 
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**** Updated From This Morning ****

The driver is 14 years old and not 13. The passenger has been confirmed to be the driver’s mother. The mother was allegedly passed out in the passenger seat and intoxicated.


Snoqualmie, Washington – March 11, 2008. The Washington State Patrol were conducting an investigation at an accident scene in the early morning hours of March 11th. The auto accident occurred on Highway 18 at Tiger Mountain. A Dodge Caravan apparently lost control on a curve, and the 21 year old passenger was ejected.

To the horror of the WSP it was discovered the driver was a 14 year old girl. To make matters worse, the 13 year old girl exhibited signs of consuming intoxicants. Little is known about the incident as both driver and passenger were not forthcoming with the troopers. However, police allege they detected odor of intoxicants and found beer cans near the scene. Also, the 21 year old woman identified herself as the driver’s mother and then later as her sister. Looks like the troopers have a lot of investigating to conduct before an accurate story comes to light.

Both were rushed to Overlake Hospital for medical treatment, but appeared to suffer minor injuries.

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  1. Burt Reynolds on March 14th, 2008 8:14 am

    What a wonderful mother. She should win an award, or an ass kicking.