Alcohol Increases the Chances of Breast Cancer

By Garth O'Brien | April 20, 2008 
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Breast CancerJasmine Lew discovered an important cause of breast cancer for post-menopausal women. Lew conducts research for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and examined data collected from 200,000 women participating in a study that was launched in 1995.

Researchers were interested in the women’s diet including alcohol consumption. It was clear that alcohol increased the risk of breast cancer, and specifically for, “estrogen/progesterone receptor positive tumors.” Voice of America. The more alcohol a post-menopausal woman consumes the higher they increase their risk of breast cancer. Three servings of alcohol per day increase the risk of cancer by 51%.

Lew will be publishing her findings in greater detail, but she has presented her findings to the Academy of Cancer Research at their annual meeting.

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